part of your team

Over the past 29 years, T&M have been creating custom-built bowsers designed to meet project needs and solve challenges across road, air, rail, construction and ground investigation work. T&M are proud to be able to say we have the largest fleet of bowsers across the UK.

With a dedicated on site supervisor for each large project, we work with your team to provide an uncompromising level of service. We do more than just bowser hire – we work alongside our customers, offering specification and customisation options based on their individual project requirements. We offer a wide range of services, from maintenance to providing drivers and fuel management.

working better together

Dedicated to the modification of bowsers, we are constantly striving to better the current market options – with each new project we evolve and adapt, creating new bowsers designed to solve new challenges. Our team blends engineering with creativity to provide a level of excellence that has been proven to help improve logistics on construction sites. We firmly believe that a problem shared is a problem solved and will work as part of your team to design creative solutions that help you deliver projects – on time, on spec. and on budget.