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T&M was founded over 30 years ago, with the sole purpose of working with customers to create and run bowsers that solve challenges. Our way is our customers’ way – we always work as a team. We understand that sites cannot run without water or fuel, and so we build bowsers with one purpose in mind: to deliver fuel and water to construction crews in the safest and fastest way possible. At T&M, we take care of the details, designing bowsers for incident-free operations. We have built each of our bowsers to create world-class machines that not only transport and distribute essential materials, but that guarantee safety and efficiency. Our desire to innovate and drive improvement has seen the team at T&M solve a range of challenges that otherwise threaten to slow or halt the progression of major projects.

our guiding principles are safety and innovation

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safety by design

At the heart of T&M lies a commitment to providing the safest possible solution for the entire construction crew. We have a safety record that is second to none and take great care to protect both our crews and yours. Every detail on a T&M bowser is designed with safety in mind.

Drip-free fuel delivery: T&M’s large bowsers are fitted with a Banlaw refuelling system, enabling faster, more efficient fuelling. Designed to perform even in the harshest conditions, these innovative nozzles ensure better safety when refuelling. Their dependable latch locking mechanism prevents the nozzle from detaching, whilst the automatic cut-off makes the pump far easier to use, helping to avoid any injury. The Banlaw nozzle boasts the highest industry flow rate, with five shut off pressure settings offering flexible solutions to a range of refuelling challenges, quickening the refuelling process by 75%.

360-degree visibility: Cameras on the front, side and rear of each bowser save a 360° real-time record of daily operations. Unique to T&M, these cameras record at all times, providing clarity around incidents, support to drivers, and footage which can be used to learn from and prevent major accidents from occurring.

Spill kit: Each T&M bowser is equipped with a full ADR emergency kit, which is an essential environmental requirement – in the event of a spill, our drivers are fully trained in use of the kit, able to quickly and effectively absorb any spilt fluids.

Spill Kit
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engineered solutions

We believe that there is always a smarter way to get a job done – a background in mechanical engineering ensures that our bowsers are built or adapted with your project goal in mind. When we build a bowser, we are building a solution – a piece of plant with features uniquely adapted to your needs. With nearly three decades of experience we can quickly gain insight into any construction project, offering invaluable support that can help ensure development runs to plan. A good supply chain is a source of competitive advantage – we recognise that our customers need suppliers who take the initiative, who get the job done, and who create solutions, not problems. We focus on creating intelligent modifications for our bowsers. Driven by your project and working as part of your team, T&M bowsers have a proven track record in supporting sites, enabling world-class development and infrastructure projects to be delivered as planned.

Engineered Solutions